Unbreakable Boundaries Start Here with Wendy Sterling

Have you ever felt constantly exhausted from saying YES to everything and everyone? Are you embarrassed to say NO and feel that you always have to explain yourself whenever you say that word? Do you always put yourself last and prioritize other people’s feelings over your own? If you see yourself in any of these situations, this conversation is for you. 

Welcome to the Scarlet Society podcast. In today’s episode, Lynya Floyd interviews Wendy Sterling, a Divorce Coach, Author, Speaker, and Host of The Divorced Woman’s Guide Podcast. Wendy discovered that her divorce could be the most empowering experience she went through to find her authentic identity and voice, to design a life she loved. She has helped thousands of divorcees heal more quickly and move through their emotions to create a new life through her 5-Step Program, The Divorce Rehab.

Tune in to discover how to set your boundaries, end the victim mindset, and start creating a vision for yourself based on what you want. It’s time to stop being everyone’s doormat and become a boundary-setting queen! Keep practicing!


“When you don’t honor your boundary, you’re just allowing yourself to become a doormat.”

– Wendy Sterling


In This Episode:

00:00 What is this episode about?

00:42 Meet Wendy Sterling, Divorce Coach, Author, Speaker

02:59 Why are boundaries important? 

06:09 Why do women have difficulty creating boundaries?

08:14 Think about your core values 

12:49 Learn from what Wendy did when she realized she didn’t have firm boundaries

17:22 Wendy shares how she became a divorce coach and how boundary work is tied to a difficult transitional phase in someone’s life

23:20 Ask yourself this question: Why are you making other people your priority?

24:00 Discover the ways that we intentionally or unintentionally weaken our boundaries and the easiest (yet hardest) way to set a boundary

29:43 What else can we do to strengthen our boundaries? It’s easier than you think.

33:43 Simple yet powerful words or statements you can use to set firm boundaries

37:40 What is one action step you can take right now to establish your boundaries?


– Download the 5 Steps to Start Setting Boundaries Today – https://divorcerehab.activehosted.com/f/6


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