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Many years ago, women dreaded the thought of reaching the BIG 40. At this age, it would seem as if all good things are coming to an end. The uncertainty of what is yet to come is something so dreadful to even think about. But a lot has changed. Today, many women over 40 are thriving and living purposeful lives. Yet they all experience different emotions and challenges that come with this stage in life. And so, it is important to be in the right community.

Welcome to the Scarlet Society podcast. Developed by women for women, Scarlet Society aims to unite and educate women who are in the second half of their life. It is the place for women looking to reclaim their sexuality and take charge of their sexual health. You will meet the Ladies of Scarlet Society in this first episode.

JADE CHANG SHEPPARD is the Founder of Scarlet Society. She is the President & CEO of Gideon USA and a surf mama to 3 kids.

MEGHAN RABBIT, Editor-in-Chief for Scarlet Society, spearheads the commissioning of award-winning journalists, academics, and other big-thinkers to write about topics that don’t get enough air time in traditional media.

LYNYA FLOYD is more than just a life coach. She is also an award-winning editor, journalist, and wellness expert who have had interviews on the Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, Fox News, The Doctors, NPR, and more.

STACEY LINDSAY is a broadcast and print journalist, writer, interviewer, media consultant, and editorial strategist. She is also the articles editor at Goop, a wellness and lifestyle brand.

Join The Ladies of Scarlet Society as they share the inspiring stories that brought them together and their vision for the future of women over 40.

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“In order for people to take us seriously and for us to really be inspirational, we also have to be trustworthy and really be credible.” – Jade Sheppard

In This Episode:

3:07 Jade talks about the inspiration behind Scarlet Society

5:16 The reason Meghan agreed to work with Jade

5:38 Jade believes that credibility and trustworthiness are critical factors in the type of content they intend to publish

7:45 Lynya talks about her background as a journalist and how she veered into life coaching and business coaching

12:20 Stacey shares her excitement about being a part of the Scarlet Society

17:30 What can we expect from Scarlet Society?

25:11 Why sexual health, pleasure, and talking about those things are vital components of Scarlet Society

28:40 The ladies answer three intriguing questions posed by Meghan. What would be your answers?

35:31 Meghan shares the topics for the first few episodes of the Scarlet Society podcast

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We are here to normalize women’s sexual health and wellness after 40, without apology.

It’s time to elevate the way we address sex in the second half of life and lift it out of society’s shadows. We’re tired of the stigma and secrecy. We’re frustrated with the lack of credible information. And we’re ready to reclaim women’s sexuality.