I Tried It: Labia puffing

This vaginal rejuvenation procedure is getting more popular. Wondering what’s involved—and what the results are like? Here’s one woman’s experience.
labia puffing

When I first heard of labia puffing, I was filled with a mixed feeling of disgust and wonder.  I thought to myself, Why would anyone do this? but also, Oh my god, that sounds magical! I hadn’t looked at many labias and wasn’t even aware that mine had lost volume. 

During most of my 30s, I was too occupied with growing my business and raising three children, and I didn’t shave my bikini area. (And truthfully, if you don’t shave down there, you really can’t tell what your labia looks like.) Even though I had done laser hair removal, I still had some hair that grew back—but I never bothered to maintain it. As I moved past kids and looked toward a more exciting sex life, shaving became a part of my grooming regimen, and something told me my labia just didn’t look the same as it once did.  

Now, this begs the question, does what your labia looks like even matter? Who cares? The answer is, of course, your labia’s appearance only matters if it matters to you—and no one else cares if you don’t care. That’s the truth for any cosmetic procedure—from Botox to breast implants. If we elect to do it, it is for ourselves.  

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labia puffing surgery before after

In my experience, no partner actually gives a shit about whether you’ve lost a little volume down there. They are just happy to be getting laid. To prove my point, I consciously observed my sexual situations the last few weeks and realized that pretty much 99% of the time, no one even sees my labia. Most of the time, the light is simply too low. I thought I might be more conscious when my partner was giving me oral sex, but I realized that his eyes were pretty much closed the whole time. His fingers were either on my clitoris or in my vagina, but never just poking around my labia. When we were in the shower together, he wasn’t looking down there. I love doggy style, and there is definitely no labia sighting from that angle.  

So, off I went to do a labia puffing procedure for myself.

I made an appointment with Dr. David Ghozland in Los Angeles. With an easy bedside manner and a matter-of-fact explanation of what the options and results would be, we proceeded with Juvederm injections. (Labia puffing can also involve removing fat cells from other parts of the body and injecting them into the labia to help reinflate the area.) It took a few seconds and included two pokes on each side. I didn’t have any numbing and while it was a little bit pinchy, it was over very quickly. 

Dr. Ghozland told me about possible side effects and allergic reactions, which are very rare but still possible. “Be on the lookout for any pain or hardening of the fillers,” he told me. “Be sure to call the office if anything doesn’t feel right. The filler can easily be dissolved instantly with hyaluronidase.”

I paired my filler appointment with a three-part Votiva laser series. This laser works on the exterior as well as inside the vagina. It claims to tighten sagging tissue and increase blood flow, sensitivity, and tightness. My hope is that the combo of a little filler with the external tightening that happens thanks to the laser will lead to incredible results.  

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Dr. Ghozland said that the fillers would be reabsorbed in the body over time, and I definitely intend to go back in once this round is absorbed.

It’s been more than a month since my Juvaderm injections and I’m still loving my magically puffed-up labia, even if I’m the only one who sees it most of the time.  There is no change in physical sensation, but it does make me feel sexier. Even when I feel it for myself, it has a nice, soft, plump feeling.  

This procedure gives me the feeling that I’m taking care of myself, helping my body match the youthful spirit I feel inside and helping me defy the societal norms of what a woman should look like at a certain age. In my opinion, there is very little risk to experimenting and seeing how you feel— both physically and emotionally—about procedures like this. If something doesn’t connect for you, it’s simple to dissolve the injection or just wait for it to be reabsorbed by your body.  

If it helps you feel better, more confident and more alive, I’d say the investment is well worth it.  They say that women hit their sexual peak later in life and for me personally, that has certainly been true. Why not have a beautiful labia to enjoy this incredible time in my life?  

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