How to Find a Therapist

Five expert-backed tips to help you snag an appointment with the mental health pro that’ll help you the most.

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labia puffing

I Tried It: Labia puffing

This vaginal rejuvenation procedure is getting more popular. Wondering what’s involved—and what the results are like? Here’s one woman’s experience.

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vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation 101

Hormonal changes can cause a host of problems with the vagina, which can put a strain on your sex life. Here’s how vaginal lasers can...

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After the Kambo, The Ecstasy

I wanted a jumpstart. This powerful Amazonian frog poison left me revitalized, recharged, and ready to “bring it”—wherever it wanted to be brought.

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We are here to normalize women’s sexual health and wellness after 40, without apology.

It’s time to elevate the way we address sex in the second half of life and lift it out of society’s shadows. We’re tired of the stigma and secrecy. We’re frustrated with the lack of credible information. And we’re ready to reclaim women’s sexuality.