Do You Need a Divorce Coach With Melissa Kalil

Do You Need a Divorce Coach With Melissa Kalil

We’ve all suffered from heartbreak at one point, and it’s never a pleasant subject to talk about. Relationship breakdowns that lead to separation and divorce are almost always a difficult phase, not just for the couple but also for their children. The divorce process can feel disempowering, especially for women with children. The thought of being a single parent or losing custody of her children puts so much pressure on a woman going through the divorce process. Then there’s the uncertainty of what her life will look like after divorce. So it is crucial to get support during this time and even after the divorce has been finalized. So who do you need in your corner aside from your divorce lawyer and concerned family and friends? Do you need a divorce coach?

Welcome to the Scarlet Society podcast. Today we’re going to talk about divorce with the help of an expert, Melissa Kalil. She is a Certified Professional Coach and Divorce Specialist and a single mom to three daughters. While recovering from a toxic situation and difficult divorce, Melissa took a step back and examined her approach to life. And that’s what led her to coaching. Of course, anyone can call herself a coach even without the proper credentials. But Melissa completed a training program accredited by the International Coaching Federation and spent hundreds of hours studying, perfecting, and personalizing her style as a coach. As a result, she now helps individuals get through and beyond divorce with less destruction and less time and money spent. She is passionate about coaching people through all phases of divorce and watching them break through to their new chapters.

Join us today as we talk about the realities of divorce and finding the silver lining in what could be one of the most emotionally challenging experiences a woman can ever have.

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“Every divorce is different.” – Melissa Kalil

In This Episode:

0:00 Meet Melissa Kalil, a Certified Professional Coach and Divorce Specialist

5:30 Melissa shares how divorce can feel disempowering for women

7:01 Discover the similarities and differences between therapy and coaching

8:26 Melissa talks about her “aha” moment and what inspired her to decide to go into divorce coaching

9:51 The best way to describe what a divorce coach does and the scope of support they provide

12:04 What are the signs that someone needs a divorce coach?

16:49 The scariest things about divorce and the truth about them

23:38 Holding on to hope and seeing the silver lining that comes with divorce

28:12 What would be the best advice for someone who’s in the process of getting divorced?

31:00 Does Melissa still have regrets over her divorce, and how does someone handle their emotions when going through this difficult phase?


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