Bored With Sex? Here’s How To Rekindle The Fire with Nadine Robinson


“48% of women over 55 have not had any sexual contact in the last six months.” Can you believe it? If you’re in this situation or your sexual relationship has become boring, listen up because today’s episode aims to change everything. 

Welcome to the Scarlet Society podcast. In this episode, award-winning journalist Lynya Floyd interviews Nadine Robinson, international bestselling author of The Holistic Entrepreneur: Creating Success with the Medicine of your Soul. Nadine is a visionary disruptor and a 9-figure entrepreneur who helps her clients experience a mystical, spiritual awakening that enables them to feel unshakeable confidence, diminished anxiety, and extraordinary control over their lives.

Tune in to the juicy conversation about the top reasons women get bored in the bedroom and how to turn that around. Lynya and Nadine also talk about the surprising ways you may be leaking sexual energy. In addition, Nadine shares three questions every woman should ask herself that can revolutionize how you approach sex and why everyone woman needs to hone her sacred sexuality. So get ready to unlock your wildest possibilities today!

If you are interested in joining Nadine’s Sex and Spirituality Membership Program, just email to get a one-month free membership. 

“Your body is the vessel of pleasure. Your body is the vessel through which you experience life.”

– Nadine Robinson

In This Episode:

00:19 Meet Nadine Robinson, a Revolutionary Holistic Women’s Health and Relationship Expert

02:59 Why is being bored with sex one of the top complaints women over 40 have?

05:33 Understanding your body and how it’s constantly changing

08:04 How common is the boredom issue among couples?

09:01 How to go from the death of sex to that HOT YES sexual experience

09:21 The number one question you have to ask yourself: Why are you having sex?

14:05 How do you define intimacy?

18:21 What is your relationship to pleasure?

21:46 How do you avoid falling into the sexual rut? Nadine recommends a few exercises to turn things around. 

24:21 Free bleeding and its benefit to your body 

26:29 What is sacred sexuality? 

28:14 The opposite of sacred sexuality

29:17 What are some ways women can embrace sacred sexuality?

31:45 Who are the people you need to help you understand your body and sexuality?

34:57 If there’s only one thing you can do to help spark your sexual pleasure, what would it be? 




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We are here to normalize women’s sexual health and wellness after 40, without apology.

It’s time to elevate the way we address sex in the second half of life and lift it out of society’s shadows. We’re tired of the stigma and secrecy. We’re frustrated with the lack of credible information. And we’re ready to reclaim women’s sexuality.