About Us

About Us

Sex isn’t only for the young. In fact, the older you get, the more fulfilling and liberating it can and should be. However, in a society that tends to cast a shadowy stigma on sex beyond a certain age, where sexual wellness and health is rarely addressed, women are often devalued and left in the dark when it comes to their sexuality—especially after life’s major transitions of marriage, childbirth or divorce. Scarlet Society replaces that archaic stigma with much needed celebration.


We are on a mission to be the go-to source for women looking to reclaim their sexuality and inspire women to take charge of their sexual health. By providing curated and credible content, supportive social connections and relevant wellness products and services, Scarlet Society creates a world for you to confidently explore pleasure, female health and its place in the second half of your life. Because the more educated about our bodies and comfortable in our sexuality we are, the more freedom we feel to experience ultimate satisfaction. Scarlet Society is here to make your ideal sex life an acknowledged and attainable reality, no matter your age or circumstance. Because society doesn’t decide what you deserve, you do.


We are here to normalize women’s sexual health and wellness after 40, without apology.

It’s time to elevate the way we address sex in the second half of life and lift it out of society’s shadows. We’re tired of the stigma and secrecy. We’re frustrated with the lack of credible information. And we’re ready to reclaim women’s sexuality.